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World Cup WAGs fashion jewelry Unless(Michael Kors)

Lead: Brazil World Cup is a grand carnival fans around the world, but it is not the only star protagonist, sexy glamorous WAGs will never lose the eye, a subtle mix of jewelry and fashion, exaggerated gold, cool black jewelry , and most can ignite South American style gold inlaid multicolored, all jewelry, grab kill film.


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America is too hot favorite exaggerated gold

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Brazilian star Neymar girlfriend Gabriella - Samaranch

She stacked wearing gold bracelets and gold rings with a sense of design K ordinary suit, sexy hot filling. Gold has a primitive desire and sense of power, if with the healthy wheat color, blazing burst immediately sexy, powerful gas field, Meilinandang wonder was unanimously loved WAGs.

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Dutch star Sneijder Girlfriend You Lante - Kaba Wu

Sense of style in a chestnut curls K gold earrings looming,michael kors outlet online style unlimited....